Announcement of Initial and Final Seminars of IICT

05/01/2016 - 1:26pm

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro
Institute of Information and Communication Technologies

Announcement of Initial and Final Seminars of IICT


The Initial/Final seminars of Master of Engineering projects of IICT students are expected to be held in February 2016. The eligible students should register their names on or before 22nd January for conduct of Initial/Final seminars.  Students should submit the following documents at the time of registration. No application will be accepted after the due date.

For Initial Seminar

  • Research Proposal proforma duly signed by the supervisor, co-supervisor, Head of the Department, Co-Director IICT, Director IICT and the Dean of the Faculty. Each page of the research proposal should be signed by the candidate and the supervisor(s).
  • Turnitin Similarly Index Report. The supervisor should scan and sign the proposal for plagiarism. One supervisor can supervise and co-supervise up to 10 projects of any one batch.
  • Students of 2014 and 2015 batch shall submit an attested photo copy of first semester marks sheet. All other students shall submit attested copy of first and second semester. Old ELP students (up to batch 2013) shall submit first, second and third term marks sheets.
  • Copy of the Enrolment Card.
  • Students must have paid tuition fees of at least two semesters.


For Final Seminar

  • An application through the supervisor that the candidate is ready for the final seminar.
  • Attested photo copies of the marks sheets of first, second and third semester if not submitted earlier. Students of 2014 batch shall submit marks sheets of first and second semester.
  • Copy of the enrolment card if not already submitted.
  • The students must have paid tuition fees of at least three semesters.


Prof. Dr. Mukhtiar Ali Unar
Director IICT