There are 5 well-equipped laboratories in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, hereunder

  1.     Biomedical Instrumentation Lab
  2.     Biomedical Engineering Lab
  3.     Biomedical Sciences Lab
  4.     Telemedicine and Research Lab
  5.     Biomedical Computing Lab


In all the laboratories, equipment manuals, work instructions, maintenance log sheets and other related documents are updated semester wise and are available with the lab-engineers.                                


Details of the Lab Staff

S. No. Name of Lab Responsibility Name of Staff Designation Qualification
1 Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory Lab. In charge Dr. Syed Amjad Ali  Associate Professor  Ph.D
Supporting Staff Engr. Irfan Shah Lab Engineer B.E.
Mr. Sadam Hussain Memon Lab-Assistant B.S
2 Biomedical Sciences Laboratory Lab. In charge Dr. Maheen M. Surahio Assistant Professor Ph.D
Supporting Staff Engr. Murk Rehman Lab Engineer B.E
3 Telemedicine and Research Laboratory Lab. In charge Engr. N. P. Chowdhry Assistant Professor MS
Supporting Staff Dr. Abdur Rahim Ansari Lab Engineer Ph.D
4 BM Engineering Laboratory Lab. In charge Engr. Rabia Chandio Assistant Professor  M.E
Supporting Staff Engr. Pertab Rai Lab Engineer B.E
Engr. Maham M. Mughul Lab Engineer B.E
5 Biomedical Computing Laboratory Lab. In charge Dr. Abdul Qadir Ansari Assistant Professor Ph. D
Supporting Staff Engr. Iqra Memon Lab Engineer B.E
Mr. Arshad Memon IT Assistant Diploma IT