Research & Development

Funding secured/won by the Students 

NIGRI-IGNITE funding for Final Year Projects

The students in Final Year have consecutively succeeded in securing FYP funding in National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative (NGIRI) Program since 2019. Following is the list of projects selected for the funding and the monetary amount appoved for each project. 

List of approved FYPs for NIGRI-IGNITE funding
S. No. Batch Project Title Approved Amount (Rs.)
1    16BM Robotic Arm Controllable using Neural EEG Signals     70,000/-
2 16BM Preparation of Levofloxcin loaded
antimicrobial chitosan and silk Fibron
scaffold for wound dressing
3 16BM Preparation of Silk Fibron coated
antimicrobial polypropylene meshes for
hernia repair
4 16BM Controlled Drug Delivery using
Nanotechnology for Parkinson Syndrome
5 F16BM Design of nano-implant for musculoskeletal tissue and cartilage regeneration 80,000/-
6 F16BM Evolution of Plastic Degrading bacteria 80,000/-
7 F16BM Development of Graphene coated Antibacterial Nonwoven Fabric for Medical Applications 80,000/-
8 F16BM Design and fabrication of an Electrodynamic Atomization System for food coating 80,000/-
9 F16BM Wireless Powered Embedded Cardiac Pacemaker apart Utilization of Resonant Inductive Coupling 80,000/-


RINU funding for Tech-Entrepreneurship

A couple of student projects have also been approved for RINU funding, which is a social entrepreneurship scheme addressing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


S.No. Student(s) Batch Project Title
01 Khushbu Danish, Zuha Aslam 17BM Smart Blind Walking Stick
02 Noor Hassan Jamali 17BM Turbity, Turbulence, and Reynolds' Number Demonstrator




Faculty Publications


S. No.




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Details of faculty trainings


S. No.

Type of Training / Orientation






Workshop - on Artificial intelligence in BM Engg.

1 day

April 17, 2018

Dr. A. A. Ursani, Dr. A. Q. Ansari

Barret Hodgson University Karachi


Orientation - on ‘How to Evaluate Laboratory work of the Students’

1 day

11th Nov 2018

Faculty Members

Dept. of BM Engg.


Capacity building workshop - Developing SAR as per PEC Accreditation Manual 2014 for OBE & A Implementation”


1 day



5th December 2017

Dr. A. Q. Ansari and Engr. N. P. Chowdhry

Mehran UET Jamshoro in collaboration with PEC


Training – on

‘Professional Development of Mehran University Students’

1 day

8th August 2017

Engr. N. P. Chowdhry and Dr. A. Q. Ansari




Workshop - Faculty Professional Development

4 days

27-30 March 2017

Dr. A. A. Ursani and Dr. A. Q. Ansari

ORIC, Mehran UET Jamshoro


Workshop on European Union Erasmus+ programs

1 day

12 Nov, 2018

Dr. A A Ursani

Dr. Amjad Ali

Dr. A Q Ansari

HEC Regional Centre Karachi


Workshop - Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

1 day


Dr. Maheen Surahio

Hefei University of Technology, P. R. China


Obesity and the Role of Adipose Tissue in Metabolism and Energy Homeostasis

1 day


Dr. Maheen Surahio

Hefei University of Technology, P. R. China


Medicinal and Functional Foods

1 day


Dr. Maheen Surahio

Hefei University of Technology, P. R. China


Training / Workshop for women on Leadership and Management in Higher Education

3 days


Engr. Rabia Chandio

Engr. Kandeel Khwaja

Engr. Murk Siyal

USPCAS-W MUET &  Society of Women Engrs, ORIC, MUET


OBE assessment and evaluation

1 day


BM faculty

Muazzam Arsalan Bhatti, Alfoze Technologies, Pvt.


Quality OBE Software

1 day


BM faculty

Mr. Sharoon Amin Akhtar, Alfoze Technologies, Pvt.