MS in Public Policy (PP)

This programme is primarily aimed at students who wish to pursue careers in areas related to public policies. The programme shall aim to provide students with knowledge of analytical tools to understand, analyse and criticize the large number of public policies in the education, health, water and to contribute to policy formulation.

The programme focuses on the interactions between government and society, enabling an understanding of the problem identification from society, and proposing solutions through devising the public policy.

The programme will help in learning from public policies of developed and under developing countries. Although policies vary from country to country and from government to governments in all parts of the world, however, learning of their development and implementation for social welfare will enable students to participate in the policy activities in a systematic fashion.


  • Principles of Public Policy (PPP)
  • Management and Governance (MG)
  • Economics (EC)
  • Statistical Methods (SM)
  • Political Institutions and Public Policy
  • Public Policy Analysis (PPA)
  • Advanced Research Methods (ARM)
  • ICT Concepts and Tools (ICT)
  • Writing and Communicating in Public Policy