Watershed Rehabilitation and Irrigation Improvement in Pakistan

Project Area: Village Bazkando, UC Petaro, District Jamshoro Sindh


ICARDA is a partner with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the United State Department of Agricultural (USDA), USA under a Specific Cooperative Agreement Number 58-3148-1-258 Dated 29th September 2011, in support of the “Watershed rehabilitation and irrigation improvement in Pakistan: Demonstrating and Disseminating the best practices and technologies to help rural farmers”.


The overall goal of the project is to promote sustainable agricultural production, higher incomes and improved livelihoods of rural communities in irrigated and rainfed areas through better management of land and water resources. It is planned to successfully demonstrate and disseminate practices and technologies that can help farmers to more efficiently capture, store, and use water for irrigation, and reduce loss of water and soil.



  1. To demonstrate selected practices and technologies in Pakistan
  2. To disseminate within Pakistan information of selected practices and technologies
  3. To share and compare information and findings on selected practices and technologies with Afghanistan
  4. To identify and fill in key knowledge gaps on selected practices and technologies.

Duration: From March, 2013 to August, 2014 (18 Month)

Implementation by: Institute of Water Resources Engineering and Management (IWREM)

Supported by:
International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA) 
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)