Present research projects of PhD scholars

  • Finite Element Simulation of Unsteady Flow in Open Channels

Research projects completed for award of PhD degree

  • Hydraulic Jump Control and Energy Dissipation
  • Numerical Simulation of Sediment Transport Problems
  • Perceptive Research on Irrigation Scheduling and Operational Management
  • Numerical Models and Optimization in Groundwater Management
  • Impact Evaluation of Scavenger Wells Operations on Groundwater Hydrology

Other Research Projects conducted by IWREM

  • Sustainable management of fresh groundwater for irrigated agriculture and livelihood of rural Sindh
  • Sustainable reuse of drainage effluent in irrigated agriculture for increasing crop productivity
  • Third Party Monitoring and evaluation of institutional reforms in water sector
  • Water saving through micro irrigation methods
  • Modernization of irrigation system in Sindh for project preparation and capacity building in support of water sector improvement program