Professional Awareness Seminar at Chemical Engineering Department

31/03/2014 - 12:32pm

Ever increasing competition and advancements in professional world are making the professional life more demanding than ever before. Graduates from engineering universities experience a large gulf as they enter the professional life. In order to be market ready new graduates require numerous soft skills and computer knowledge as per their field. This also proves to be the decisive factor as graduates get hired by various companies. Professionals Inn is a newly established institute that is working towards narrowing the gap that exists between academics and professional worlds.

In order to increase the awareness among the students MUET, Chemical Engineering Department supported Professional Inn to conduct a seminar on importance of Health Safety and Environment and ASPEN Hysys. Chairman Chemical Engineering Department DR. SYED FARMAN ALI SHAH and ENGR. SIKANDAR MUSTAFA ALMANI lent their full support for organizing the event. Final year students SAAD SHAIKH, RAZA HUSSAIN & JUNAID DAGIA played a very important role as volunteers in seminar arrangements.

Engr. Inam ur Rehman who is currently working as a process design engineer in ZEL Pvt Ltd. delivered presentation on the employment of ASPEN HYSYS in industry. Engr. Umer Nafees who is a trainer, motivator and mentor delivered presentations on Health Safety Environment and the Recruitment Process of multinational companies. 

Engr. Inam ur Rehman introducing Aspen Hysys to the Hall

Companies that consider environmental protection, occupational health and safety at work as important as providing quality products usually have managers and departments responsible for these issues; HSE management has two general objectives: prevention of incidents or accidents that might result from abnormal operating conditions on the one hand and reduction of adverse effects that result from normal operating conditions on the other hand.

    Engr.Umer Nafees highlighting importance of HSE to chemical Students


Industries including, chemical, oil & gas, construction, FMCG, agriculture etc are now not only practicing HSE standards but also making part of their culture and values. HSE augments protective measures for all the aspects of human life.

The term HSE has been utilized in various orders HSE, EHS & SHE. Depending on the hierarchal order of the element that gets affected from the organizations’ activities. For instance HSE is commonly used by the construction industry where health of the workforce is at bigger stake followed by Safety and Environment. EHS is commonly used by Oil & Gas and chemical industry where environment is getting most affected by the operations of an organization. SHE is used by electrical industry where safety of workers is maximum risk.

Professional Inn Team with faculty members and students

ASPEN HYSYS is software that is heavily employed for industrial design simulation. It is equally beneficial for Chemical, Mechanical, Industrial and P&G Engineers. Process design simulation through ASPEN HYSYS allows the engineer to explore and evaluate alternatives to select the optimal process design to meet requirements. More over Process simulation of ASPEN HYSYS allows users to test the feasibility of different separations, and compare and optimize designs. Dynamic simulation allows users to investigate how fluctuations influence the performance of the overall process crucial to process control. The accuracy of physical property data is a pre-requisite for process design, simulation, troubleshooting, and optimization. Modeling reactors provides the basis for how chemical reactions and kinetics affect a process.  In addition analysis of plug flow reactors (PFR) and continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTR) can also be done using the software. Thermodynamics are essential to chemical engineering simulation and ASPEN HYSYS make it easier than ever before.


The event engaged the students to have a practical perspective of field. Chairman Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Syed Farman Ali Shah distributed prizes among the students. In the end of event, Chairman presented his concluding remarks and emphasized on professional trainings of the students. The event proved to be a constructive effort in increasing awareness among the students. The changing trend in MUET of seminars and conferences is helping a great deal in grooming students. These practices will definitely make a big difference with upbringing of more confident and well informed graduates who can make their place easily in job market.

Prof.Dr Syed Farman Ali Shah distributing prizes among the students 

Organizer: Engr.Sikander Mustafa Almani, Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering
Student Volunteers: Raza Hussain (11CH36), Saad Shaikh (11CH22),Muhammad Junaid (11CH08)