Fees Reimbursement Coverage and Guidelines


Financial Coverage of the Scheme:

1.   Actual Tuition Fee (of Masters , MS/MPhil and PhD programs)

2.   On and Off Mandatory charges which includes Registration Fee/Enrollment Fee, Admission fee (For new admissions only), Examination Fee, Library charges(non-refundable), Laboratory charges, Research related academic activities only.

3.   Non study related heads like transport fee, hostel fee, Sports fee, Endowment Fund, Equipment Fee, Health Fee or Any Refundable dues will not be paid.


Approved Study Duration in which Student can get financial benefit under the Scheme


Maximum duration


2 years


3.5 Years


2 Years

MS/M.Phil (Medical Universities)

2 Years minimum -3 maximum Years

Ph.D (Natural Sciences)

5 Years

Ph.D (Social Sciences & others)

4 Years













Eligibility Criteria:

a) The Students having valid domicile/local certificate of specified areas under the Scheme

b)The students who are enrolled on merit in Masters, MS/MPhil programs in the HEC identified public sector universities/affiliated government institutions, located in the geographical territory of their province/Region/Area

c) The students who are enrolled in PhD program in the HEC identified public sector universities/affiliated government institutions anywhere across Pakistan

Ineligibility Criteria

  a) Students who are enrolled on self-finance basis or part time basis are ineligible

  b) If Study period exceeds greater than approved duration under the Scheme, then the student expenditure will not be covered under the scheme

  c) Not availing any other scholarship under Provincial Government, Foreign donor or any other HEC Program (e.g. Indigenous Program, USAID    scholarship etc.)

  d) Any Bachelors or four years Bachelors Program will not be considered. E.g. LLB, MBBS, B.E, BBA etc.

  e) The Scheme is only valid for the HEC recognized Public sector degree awarding institutions.

  f) Such Evening programs where fee structure is greater from the morning shift are excluded from the Scheme

  g) Such students who have financially benefitted under the Scheme at Masters/MPHIL/MS level and applied for same level Program again in different    university


Student guidance to Apply and Payment Procedure

  1. Students who are newly admitted in Public Sector University in Spring/Fall Session (depending upon the university’s admission cycle) are required to apply through online student web portal system i.e. http://pmfrs.hec.gov.pk/ by the given deadline of HEC

  2. Newly registered are not required to validate their records.

  3. The focal person of the university will approve/disapprove ‘Newly Registered’ students by the given deadline of HEC.

  4. HEC, office will scrutinize the data and look for any discrepancies and ineligible students.