Department of Electronic Engineering organized 0.5 CPD Webinar on Academic Writing and Plagiarism Policy Awareness

02/03/2021 - 10:27pm

The Department of Electronic Engineering organized 0.5 CPD Webinar on “Academic Writing and Plagiarism Policy Awareness” on February 25th, 2021 through MS Teams in collaboration with ORIC MUET and PEC. The resource person of the Webinar was Dr. Farida Memon, Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, MUET. Coordinators of this webinar were Dr. Attiya Baqai, Associate Professor Department of Electronic Engineering, MUET, Engr. Shoaib Hassan Khaskheli (CPD Coordinator, ES), Instrumentation Engineer Department of Electronic Engineering, MUET and Engr. Bharat Lal Harijan, Lecturer Department of Electronic Engineering, MUET. The Webinar was conducted online via MS Teams. More than 100 participants attended this webinar, among them many attendees were from various organizations and universities such as MUET Jamshoro Campus, MUET SZAB Khairpur Campus, Iqra University Karachi, Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Hamdard University, Institute of Space Technology, University of Sindh, QUEST Nawabshah,K Electric and A.S Consultants.

Faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students from various departments such as, Telecommunication, Computer System, Software, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Biomedical, Electrical, Civil, Environment, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Industrial & Mining Engineering and US Pakistan Center for Advance Studies in Water also attended this webinar.

The webinar was one of the scheduled series of workshops being organized by the Final Year Project Committee each year so the participation of 17ES was made mandatory from the host department.

The Webinar started with the name of Allah. Engr. Shoaib Hassan recited few verses from Holy Quran. Dr. Attiya Baqai welcomed the participants while appreciating their efforts and regular participation in the webinar series arranged by Department of Electronic Engineering.  She acknowledged the resource person and organizing team members for their volunteer services and assistance for the webinar. She also thanked Prof. Dr. Arbab Nighat, Chairperson Department of Electronic Engineering for her support and facilitation. She then invited her for the welcome speech as chief guest of the webinar.

The Chairperson, Department of Electronic Engineering Prof. Dr. Arbab Nighat appreciated the passion of the attendees for learning about the importance of academic writing and plagiarism policy. She encouraged the students to continue participating in such type of events. She also appreciated the efforts of coordinators and thanked to resource person Dr. Farida Memon for coming up with such a great topic related to academic writing for researchers and students specially for final year students to know the key factors while writing thesis and research papers.

Dr. Baqai then handed over the mic to resource person Dr. Farida Memon, she then started with the introduction and importance of the academic report writing. She further discussed the formal report writing issues and key factors that makes the good report involving format, styling, phrases, and choice of language.  Moreover, do’s and don’ts for academic writing were also discussed. In the end of session plagiarism and its avoidance techniques were also discussed. As HEC has offered Turnitin software for universities for checking the plagiarism so a run time demonstration for scanning and its interpretation was also explained in the session.   

The session concluded with half an hour question and answer session. At the end of the seminar the feedback form was also asked to be filled by the participants. The webinar  ended with the vote of thanks by Dr. Attiya Baqai to all the participants.