Self Assessment Practices (SAP)

Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE)

The Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) is performed keeping in view the minimum criteria of HEC in order to make them internationally compatible. Following downloads are available.

IPE Notification

IPE Manual

IPE Report and Implementation Plan Year 2019-20 and 2020-21

Corrective Action against IPE Report Year 2019-20 and 2020-21


ME/ME/MPhil and PhD Review / Post Graduate Program Review (PGPR)

The quality of Masters and PhD programs are reviewed keeping in view the minimum criteria of HEC in order to make them internationally compatible. Following downloads are available.

PhD Review Notification

ME/MS/MPhil Review Notification

Compliance Plan against PGPR Report Annex 1

Program Proforma Annex 2

Compliance Report against PGPR Report Annex 3

Compliance Evaluation for Postgraduate Program Review Annex 4


Self Assessment

Self Assessment is performed keeping in view the minimum criteria of HEC in order to make them internationally compatible. Following downloads are available.

Self Assessment Manual for SAR

Rubric Format

Rubric Excel

Assessment Team Report and Implementation Plan Annex 1

Corrective Action against Assessment Team Report Annexure 2


Name of Program


  1. Ph.D Environmental Engineering
  2. M.S Environmental Engineering
  3. Ph.D Hydraulics, Irrigation and Drainage
  4. M.S Hydraulics, Irrigation and Drainage
  5. Ph.D Integrated Water Resources Management
  6. M.S Integrated Water Resources Management
  7. M.S Water, Sanitation & Health Sciences
  8. PhD Water Resources Planning and Management
  9. PhD (Hydraulics Engineering)
  10. PhD (Irrigation and Drainage Engineering)


  1. MBA Finance,
  2. MBA HRM,
  3. MBA Operations Management,
  4. MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  5. M.S  Human Resource Management
  6. Ph.D Management Sciences
  7. Ph.D STIP


  1. M.E Petroleum Engineering
  2. Ph.D Petroleum Engineering


  1. M.E Energy & Environmental Engineering
  2. Ph.D Environmental Engineering


  1. M.E Mechatronics Engineering
  2. Ph.D. Mechatronics Engineering
  3. Ph.D Electrical Power Engineering
  4. M.E Electrical Power Engineering
  5. Ph.D Computer Systems Engineering
  6. M.E Computer and Information Engineering
  7. M.E Information Technology
  8. Ph.D Biomedical Engineering
  9. Ph.D Software Engineering
  10. M.E Software Engineering
  11. Ph.D Electronic Engineering
  12. M.E  Electronic System Engineering
  13. Ph.D Telecommunication Engineering
  14. M.E Communication Systems & Networks
  15. M.E Telecommunication Engineering
  16. M.E Biomedical Engineering


Postgraduate Studies


  1. Ph.D Civil Engineering
  2. M.E Civil Engineering
  3. Ph.D Construction Management (Civil Engineering)
  4. M.E Construction Management
  5. Ph.D Structural Engineering (Structural Engineering)
  6. M.E Structural Engineering
  7. Ph.D Geotechnical & Highway Engineering
  8. M.E Geotechnical & Highway Engineering
  9. Ph.D Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  10. Ph.D Manufacturing Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  11. Ph.D Energy Systems Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  12. M.E Energy Systems Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  13. M.E Manufacturing Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  14. Ph.D Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
  15. M.E Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
  16. Ph.D Mining Engineering
  17. M.E Mining Engineering
  18. Ph.D Textile Engineering
  19. M.E Textile Engineering
  20. Ph.D Chemical Engineering
  21. M.E Chemical Engineering
  22. Ph.D Industrial Engineering & Management
  23. M.E Industrial Engineering & Management
  24. Ph.D City and Regional Planning
  25. M.E City and Regional Planning
  26. Ph.D Applied Mathematics
  27. MPhil Applied Mathematics
  28. Ph.D Architecture
  29. M.E Architecture
  30. M.Phil English Linguistics


SZAB Campus

  1. M.E Civil Engineering
  2. M.E Energy Systems Engineering
  3. M.E. Electrical Power Engineering

Affiliated Colleges

  1. Government College of Technology Hyderabad (B.Tech Civil, Mechanical & Electrical 4- Year Program)
  2. Hyderabad College of Science & Technology  (B.Tech Civil Engineering 4- Year Program )
  3. Hyderabad Institute of Arts, Science & Technology