MUET Students Win Huawei’s ICT Skill Competition 2021 - Global Final

30/06/2022 - 8:49pm

To promote ICT ecosystem, Huawei invites talented students from around the world to participate in Huawei's ICT Skill Competition to test their capabilities in the domain of ICT. The competition is oriented towards Huawei's ICT Academies, as well as colleges and universities that have disciplines in related fields such as IP networks and Cloud Computing.

The preliminary round of Huawei's ICT Skill Competition involved more than 10000+ candidates across 96 universities from Pakistan. MUET candidates participated and passed preliminary exam with majority within the south region. Due to impressive passing score and certification diversity by MUET students within the south region, Huawei decided to conduct National Final Lab. Exam at MUET campus. Top 20 students were selected to be interviewed for National Finals, and out of which 15 were MUET students. Top 9 candidates were selected at this National Finals stage and were given Enablement Training by Huawei. Later, 6 winners were chosen based on the Instructors evaluation by Huawei’s HQ, Islamabad, out of which 3 candidates were from MUET. These students were separated into 2 teams of 3 to represent Pakistan in "Huawei’s Middle East ICT Competition 2021".

13 teams comprising a total of 40+ students across the Middle East took part in the competition. The competition attracted more than 21000+ students and 500+ colleges and universities from Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and so on.

Both Teams (Team 1 and Team 2) from Pakistan won 1st and 2nd position in the grand final of Huawei’s Middle East ICT Competition 2021 held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The winning teams received 30000 USD, laptops, bags, goodies, trophies, certificates, and exam vouchers.

Later, all the wining teams across the globe from different regions such as Europe, Africa, Asia compete in Global Final.

Pakistan Team 1 lead by Dr. Faheem Yar Khuhawar won the 1st Prize and the Pakistan Team 2 lead by Mr. M. Salman won the 2nd Prize against 137 Teams from 43 countries comprising a total of 500+ students across the globe in "Huawei ICT Competition - Global Final 2021".

The Team 1 from Pakistan included Sateesh (Group Leader / MUET Student), Bhagchand (MUET student), and Iqra Fatima. While the Team 2 featured Adnan Ali (Group Leader), Mukhtar (MUET Student), and Rizwan.

As token of appreciation, Huawei awarded Dr. Faheem Yar Khuhawar with "Excellent Tutor Award", he was also awarded "Excellent Tutor Award" by Huawei in 2019 as well.