One Week Internship Program on Electronics and PCB Design

05/04/2023 - 1:28pm

The Department of Electronic Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro organized a one-week winter internship on “Electronics and PCB Design” from 26th December to 30th December 2022. The Resource Persons of the internship were Engr. Burhan Aslam, Lab Supervisor and Engr. Salim Ali Lashari, Lab Supervisor, Department of Electronic Engineering. The coordinators of the internship were Engr. Kamran Kazi, Convener, Event Management Committee (EMC) and Engr. Shoaib Hassan Khaskheli, member EMC. More than 30 participants from Mehran UET Jamshoro & Khairpur campus, Sindh University and QUEST Nawabshah participated in a one-week internship.

The objective of the internship was to provide hands-on training to the students in the field of Electronic PCB Design. The program consisted of various theoretical and practical sessions, where the resource persons shared their expertise and experience with the students. One of the highlights of the program was the hands-on session on designing a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), where the students learned about the basics of PCB design and its implementation. The students were allowed to work on different projects, giving them a chance to apply their knowledge and skills to practical situations.

The resource persons discussed the various steps involved in the production of PCBs, including design, layout, etching, drilling, and soldering. The students were provided with the opportunity to observe and understand the various techniques used in PCB manufacturing.

The concluding ceremony of the Internship was held on Monday 9th January 2023 at the Department of Electronic Engineering as it was a memorable event, marking the successful completion of the program. The chairperson,  Department of Electronic Engineering, Professor Dr. Arbab Nighat, along with the faculty members, distributed certificates to the resource persons and students, acknowledging their dedication throughout the internship.

The chairperson of the Department of Electronic Engineering also presented cash amounts as a token of appreciation to the resource persons, recognizing their contributions to the success of the internship. The Chairperson appreciated the efforts of resources persons, EMC convener and Engr Shoaib Hassan, member EMC for successfully organizing the one-week internship.

In conclusion, the one-week internship program was a great success and provided a valuable learning experience for the students.