Sign-off Ceremony of Establishing the Technology Affiliation Center

14/12/2021 - 12:54pm


Sign-off ceremony of establishing the Technology Affiliation Center – TAC took place on December 10th, 2021, in Mehran University of Engineering and Technology. The TAC is co-founded by departments of Software and Computer Systems Engineering, MUET Jamshoro.

Technology Affiliation Center (TAC) is a technology-based hub to provide a unified platform for students across all disciplines within the region who want to learn, build, share ideas and come up with entrepreneurially ingenious mindset. Those who aim to solve Real world problems of Business, tech and in everyday life shall be integral part.

Mission of TAC is to overcome the scarcity of Technology enabled youth by giving a highly professional environment to Industry for supply chain of workforce from academia staring from early years of undergrad programs. TAC is co-founded by Dr. Adnan Ashraf (Faculty, and R&D lead Unified Crest, CSE MUET) and Mr. Abdul Ghaffar – 2nd year software engineering, and seasonal entrepreneur – and, aims to bring technical peers together, to figure out technical trends and to polish tech skills to pursue latest ideas and build a team capable of problem solving rivals, who are skilled enough to handle vast technology-related challenges in the streams of science, businesses, economy and other industries if, God wills.

The current office bearers include Malik Ghaffar (President), Hina Lilaram (Vice President), Ramsha Daudpota (Membership Chair), Nimra Jabbar (General Secretary), Mr. Munsif Raza (Treasurer). Interested youth may contact further for details at [email protected] and can visit the FB of the TAC.