Webinar on "Latex-Document Preparation System" organized by the Department of Electronic Engineering

16/09/2020 - 2:15pm

A free webinar on “Latex (Document Preparation System)” was organized by the Department of Electronic Engineering Final Year Project Committee on 5th September 2020. The resource person of the webinar was Prof. Dr. Wajiha Shah Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering MUET.The coordinators of the webinar were Dr. Attiya Baqai (Convener ES-FYPC) & Engr. Qudsia Memon (Secretary ES-FYPC).

Dr. Attiya formally started the webinar by welcoming the attendees, introducing the presenter and the highlighting the importance of Latex at various platforms from reports, articles, thesis writing to more advanced research papers while appreciating the efforts and cooperation of the committee members (Prof. Dr Arbab Nighat, Dr. Farzana Rauf, Dr. Farida Memon, Dr. Shoaib Soomro & Engr. Khuhed Memon) and the resource persons for the arrangements of the series of these webinar during this pandemic time. She then greeted and welcomed Engr Qudsia Memon in ES-FYPC for joining as new secretary. She acknowledged the services of Engr. Mansoor Teevno as former secretary of the ES-FYPC and wished him good luck to peruse his PhD at City University Hong Kong.

After the introduction, Dr. Attiya handed over the session to Prof. Dr. Wajiha Shah. The webinar was based on the Latex software installation, designed, and formulated especially for beginners. The presentation covered various aspects to formulate a document in Latex such as document classes, packages, formatting, graphics, citations, math type setting and commonly occurring errors. All the discussed aspects were orderly briefed by the conveyor.

 The final year students attended the webinar keenly considering the software’s importance as a tool in thesis writing. The webinar was concluded by a Q/A session followed by submission of a feedback form. The webinar was put an end by Dr. Attiya by expressing gratitude to everyone for their participation.