Planning is a discipline which is concerned with the process that generate social department, locational change and economic growth and with understanding the way in which these sources can be used.

In order to meet the ever  increasing demand for qualified planners, to provide better and healthy living environment to the people, to ensure planned growth and to control planning activities in urban  and rural areas of country a full-time three semesters masters course in introduced in the field of City and Regional Planning.

Keeping in view the baseline curriculum prepared by the National Curriculum Revision committee constituted by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) the curriculum is designed to bring it in line with local, national and international requirements and to introduce innovation to ensure quality of education and uniformity of curriculum in the Pakistan Universities.

The department also offers the degrees of Master of City and Regional Planning (M.CRP)and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in the field of City and Regional Planning. These programmes are organized under the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies.

Eligibility:            B. CRP,  B. Arch

Aim of the course

This course aims to equip the new urban professional with the interdisciplinary and inter-professional skills required to meet the demands of a rapidly shifting urban regeneration agenda as well. Regeneration of cities is a bout creating innovative and lasting solutions to the social, economic and design problems faced by their complex communities. Those working in the field increasingly come from diverse professional backgrounds and require team-based approaches to problem solving.

  •  Objectives of the course

Following are the main objectives of the M.CRP programme:

  •  To provide world-class advanced  education knowledge and skills in the field of City and Regional Planning
  •  To conduct outstanding technical basis and applied research in the field of City and Regional Planning profession
  •  To provide professionals in various streams of specializations in City and Regional Planning.