• Size Reduction & Particulate Size Analysis Lab.
  • Coal Purification & Processing Lab.
  • Coal Analysis Lab.
  • Process Simulation Lab.
  • High Tech Lab.

The major equipment in the laboratories of CRRC housed state of art equipment; that includes various types of crusher, grinder and sieving machines, Hargrove grindability testing machine, Floatation tester, Downfall strength tester, Apparatus for button method crucible swelling test, Automatic gieseler plastometer, Flue gas analyzer, Gasifier, Mini shaker, automatic temperature control water bath, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), CHNS analyzer, laser particle size analyzer, XRD, TGA, Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer, HPLC, Bomb calorimeter, Universal Testing machine, Scanning probe microscope, surface rough tester, integrated hardness tester, universal friction & wear testing machine are only some of the equipment in CRRC. CFD & Fluent software are also available in the simulation lab for research.