Fresh Pre-Qualification Notice

18/05/2010 - 11:00pm

Corrigendum: The date of opening mentioned in the tender inquiry is further extended up to 10-06-2010.
Interested parties are requested to receive the pre-qualification document, including the evaluation criteria during office working hours before 09-06-2010.

Name of Project
Approved Cost
Strengthening & Development of MUET (Part – I-i)
Rs. 471.278 (M)
Strengthening & Development of MUET (Part – I-ii)
Rs. 469.080 (M)
Strengthening & Development of MUET (Part – II)
Rs. 1486.148 (M)
Development Scheme under S.S. Funds.
Rs. 100.000 (M)
Immediate needs for establishment of Mehran University College of Engineering & Technology, at Khairpur Mir’s.
Rs. 999.195 (M)


The above stated schemes will be financed out of the funds received from Government of Pakistan, Government of Sindh and Own resources for the approved schemes of the University.

Applications from reputed Contractors / Firms license holders of Pakistan Engineering Council in Category C–04 (at least), are invited for fresh pre-qualification of Contractors / Firms for remaining major Civil, Electrical & External Developments works pertaining to above stated schemes of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro and Mehran University College of Engineering & Technology, Khairpur Mir’s.


(Academic Buildings, Administration Buildings, Hostel Accommodation, Residences, Students Centre, Cafeteria, Gymnasium / Sports ground etc)

(Roads, Water Supply & Drainage etc.)

(Internal Electrification, Air-conditioning, Laying of HT & LT under ground / overhead cables and installation & commissioning of Kiosk type sub-stations).

(Academic Buildings, Boys, Girls Hostels, Bungalows and Quarters services)

(Roads, Water Supply, Drainage, H.T. & L.T. cable i/c Electrical installations)


The Contractors / Firms experienced in the field & desirous of getting them pre-qualified for undertaking the above mentioned works are requested to submit the following information alongwith their applications.

  1. Name & Address of Contractor / Firm alongwith it’s status and a copy of license of PEC.
  2. List of Major similar nature works already executed during last ten years showing amount of work, period of completion.
  3. List of major similar nature of works in hand in same conditions showing cost of work.
  4. List of equipment and transport owned.
  5. List of technical staff with qualifications and experience.
  6. An affidavit to the effect that the contractor / firm or any of it’s partners have not been black listed by any Government / Semi Government departments.
  7. Certificate of financial stability from Banks.
  8. Details of litigations / arbitration cases against the firm / contractor.
  9.  Income Tax paid for the last 05 years alongwith certificate.
  10. Any other relevant information.


Applications alongwith above information in sealed covers should reach in the office of undersigned on or before 25-05-2010 at the latest. The pre-qualified contractors / firms will be invited to bid.
The applications so far received shall be categorized and pre-qualified according to their credentials / experience in the relevant fields.
The procuring agency may reject all or any application as per relevant provision of Sindh Public Procurement Rules 2010.

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