Furniture Articles for Civil & Bio-Medical Departments

01/08/2010 - 11:00pm

All interested Contractors/Firms/Companies/Suppliers, meeting eligibility criteria under PPRA rules are invited to participate in the following tender

Tender Fee
Completion Period. Earnest Money
Date of Purchase
Date of Opening
Supply of furniture articles for the class rooms of Civil Engineering Department.
Rs.2,000/= 03 Months 2% 10/08/10 to 24/08/10
02 Supply of furniture articles for the class rooms of Bio-Medical Engineering Department. Rs.2,000 03 Months 2%
The tender documents can be had from the office of the undersigned on the payment noted above (non-refundable) on any working day and will be opened on 25-08-2010 at 1.00 pm in presence of the contractors/representatives, who so ever will be present at that time. Any conditional or un-accompanied of the earnest money tender will not be considered in the competition.
The Procuring Agency may reject all or any bids subject to relevant provisions of PPRA rules
Engr: Shabir Mamonai 
Project Director M-I