Mobile Telecom Trainer (MT3000B+MT3000R)

26/05/2010 - 11:00pm

Department of Telecommunication Engineering MUET, Jamshoro, invites tenders for Mobile Telecom Trainer (MT3000B+MT3000R) to upgrade its Radio Communication Laboratory from relevant firms/companies having good reputation. The term & conditions stipulated in the tender enquiry are given as below:

Mobile Telecom Trainer (MT3000B+MT3000R). An experimental equipment to educate basic concepts of Full / Half Duplex wireless system and Mobile Telecommunication. 
Must provide  practice of RF interference and mobile environment
Must provide a board level and full system level experimentation.
Can operate in auto and manual modes.
Built in software, Multi channel access with at least 15 channels.
Over charge protection.
Must be provided with carriage bag, handsets, adaptors, software program CD, Communication cables and Textbook.
01 set


The detailed tender Document can be purchased from the Office of Purchase Officer at Project Directorate and can be purchased up to the day before the closing date of tender. Tender fee is Rs.1000/- which is non-refundable, payable in cash or in the form of Pay Order / Demand Draft in favor of Director Finance MUET, Bid Security 2% of the tender amount, in the shape of Bank Draft / Pay order in favor of Director Finance, must be attached with the Bid.

Interested firms / companies must be registered with the Department of Sales Tax & Income Tax, and must not be in the Black List of any Procurement Agencies / Government Department. The firms must provide letter of authorization from the principals / manufacturers.

The tender document will be available from 28-05-2010 and last the date for submission of the tender is 16-06-2010 at 12.00 Noon. The tender will be opened, in the presence of all interested firms/companies or their authorized representatives, on the same day at 12.30 PM in the office of Director Finance, MUET, Jamshoro.
The Procuring Agency may reject all or any bids subject to the relevant provisions of PPRA Rules.

Director Finance
Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro.



  1. The rates in the quotation should be valid for at least 2 months.
  2. One year warranty must be offered.
  3. The supplier/contractor must be the authorized agent/distributor of the company whose equipment they are offering. The supplier/contractor must provide the manufacturer’s authorization or exclusivity certificate.
  4. The supplier must provide training of the equipment to the end user.
  5. The equipment must have a maintenance contract with full service & Support and a one year agreement with MUET be signed.
  6. The equipment must be delivered at department of Telecommunication Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro and all charges such income tax, sales tax (as applicable) as insurance, installation, commissioning, training, transportation, clearance of stores charges be included in the rates quoted.
  7. The firms Registered in General Sales Tax and Income tax are eligible to obtain Tender Document, and the Photostat copies of Income Tax and GST, Registration certificate should be attached.
  8. A Pay Order/Bank Challan of earnest money @ 2% of the total amount, in favor of the Director Finance, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro must be enclosed with the quotations.
  9. Sealed tenders must be delivered / dropped in the office of Director Finance, MUET, Jamshoro on or before the date i.e. June 16, 2010 & the same will be opened on same day at 12:00 Noon in the presence of the bidders or their designated representatives.
  10. Delivery of the items is to be made within the prescribed period from the date of receipt of Purchase/Work Order.
  11. The tenders reached after the due date or sent to the wrong address shall not be accepted.
  12. The quotations not matching with the required specifications and /or not fulfilling the terms and conditions mentioned herein shall not be entertained.
  13. The procuring agency may reject all or any bids subject to the relevant provisions of PPRA Rules.
  14. Any condition not mentioned here or left out will be settled according to the discretion of the University.