No. & Dated: DD(Proc.)/MUET/JAM/- 118, 15-10-2020


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No. & Dated: DD(Proc.)/MUET/JAM/- 118, 15-10-2020


All the interested Contractors / Firms / Parties / Suppliers, Manufacturers and Sole Distributors meeting eligibility criteria, viz. having registration with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for Income Tax, Sales Tax in case of procurement of goods, registration with the Sindh Revenue Board in case of procurement of Works and Services and registration with Pakistan Engineering Council as the case may be and not black listed in any procuring agency or authority, are invited to participate in full / item rate tender for the following works:


Name of Work

Tender Fee

Completion Time

Earnest Money

Date of Purchase

Date of Submission of Bids

Purchase From


Purchase of Research Equipment for USPCAS-W at MUET, Jamshoro under HEC TDF-03-037


03 Months



To            09-11-2020

10-11-2020  upto 11.00 A.M

Deputy Director (Procurement)

The terms and conditions are given as under:-

1.      The tender documents can be had from above concerned offices or can be downloaded from SPPRA website i.e. and University website on the payment noted above (non-refundable) on any working day except the day of opening of tenders. The sealed tenders on prescribed proforma along with earnest money mentioned above of total bid in the form of Pay Order in favour of whom the tender was purchased and the same will be opened on 10-11-2020 @ 11.30 (A.M) in presence of the representatives, who so ever will be present at that time. In case of any unforeseen situation resulting in closure of office on the date of opening or if Government declares Holiday the tender shall be submitted / opened on the next working day at the same time & venue. Any Conditional or un-accompanied of the earnest money, tender will not be considered in the competition.

2.      The Method of Procurement is Single Stage - One Envelope Procedure.

3.      The Bidders should have at least 03 years’ experience of same services in any university or large organization.

4.      The Bidders should be registered with tax paying agencies which would be verified by concerned agencies.

5.      The Bidders should have at least Rs. 15.00 (M) annual turnover of 03 years which would be verified by bank statement.

The Procuring Agency reserves the right to reject any or all bids subject to relevant provisions of SPP Rules, 2010 (Amended 2019) and may cancel the bidding process at any time prior to the acceptance of a bid or proposal under Rule-25” of said Rules.




Deputy Director (Procurement),

Mehran University of Engg. & Tech. Jamshoro,

Phone No. 022-2109010 Fax: 022-2771403

Email: [email protected]