Plantation & Landscaping of the open key spaces, MUCET, Khairpur (Mir's)

03/06/2010 - 11:00pm

 The interested Firms & Contractors meeting eligibility criteria are invited to participate in the following tender.

Sr. #
Tender Fee
Completion Period.
Plantation and landscaping of the open key spaces at Mehran University College of Engineering & Technology, Khairpur (Mir’s).
3 Months


The tender document can be had from the Mehran University College of Engineering & Technology, Khairpur Mir’s of the undersigned on the payment as noted above (non-refundable). Tenders will be issued from 14.06.2010 to 28.06.2010 on working days only. Interested firms, contractors or individuals registered with relevant tax authorities are invited to visit the site during office hours.

Sealed tender accompanied with the pay order in favour of “Project Director, MUCET, Khairpur Mir’s”, equivalent to 2% of the total bid cost as earnest money and will be received back in the office of the Project Director upto 12.00 PM on 28.06.2010 and will be opened on same day at 1:00 PM in presence of the Suppliers / representatives, who so ever will be present at that time.

The successful bidder shall at his own cost provide competent, efficient and at the required time plantation and landscaping of the open key spaces, supervised and inspected by experienced and trained supervisor, who should be available all the time during the office hours inside the university.

Any conditional Tender or un-accompanied of the earnest money will not be considered in the competition.

The Procuring Agency can reject one or all tenders according to PAPRA Rules 2004.

MUCET, Khairpur (Mir’s).