Ref. No. & Dated: RFQ/MUET/PS/02/11th February, 2022



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Ref. No. & Dated: RFQ/MUET/PS/02/11th February, 2022



Description                                          :           RFQ for Maintenance of Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX Enterprise

Date of Issuance                                 :           14-02-2022 to 21-02-2022

Date of Submission of Quotation      :           22-02 2022 upto 11:30 A.M

Date of Opening of Quotation            :           22nd February, 2022 @ 12.00 Noon

Place of Delivery                                 :           Purchase & Store Office, Jamshoro.

Contact Person and No.                     :           Idrees Ahmed Khan, 0331-3694739


All the interested Contractors / Firms / Parties / Suppliers, Manufacturers and Sole Distributors meeting eligibility criteria, viz. having registration with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for Income Tax, Sales Tax are invited to participate in full / item rate quotation for the following works:


Annual Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Alcatel Lucent PABX 4400 (Omni PCX Enterprise) without spares for the Year 2022







Maintenance of Alcatel Lucent PABX Omni PCX Enterprise.



The terms and conditions are given as under:-

1.      The Registration certificate (FBR and or SRB) must be provided at the time of submission.

2.      The quoted amount must be included all the applicable taxes.

3.      The Procuring Agency reserves the right to cancel or reject any or all quotations.

4.      Payment will be made through crossed cheque after the receipt of the bill and satisfactory performance certificate.

5.      The rate / item cost must be quoted for all required items otherwise incomplete or conditional quotation will not accepted.

6.      The rate / items cost is final and no change what so ever will be accepted.

7.      The Procuring Agency reserves the right to change / alter / remove any item or article or reduce / enhance quantity as per rules without assigning any reason.

8.      No subletting in any case will be allowed.

9.      Stamp Duty @ rate of 0.35 % of total value of goods will be fixed accordingly.

10.  The Procuring Agency reserves the right to issue Purchase Order for any single item(s) to different lowest responsive bidders or issue Purchase Order for all the items to any lowest responsive bidder.




Purchase & Store Officer,

Mehran University of Engg. & Tech. Jamshoro,

Phone No. 022-2772382 Cell: 0331-3694739

Email: [email protected]