Chinese Languages Courses


New Admission OPENS For Batch 7  (2022)

HSK level (1, 2, 3, 4A/B, 5A/B, 6A/B)


Chinese Culture Classes

Executive Classes (Saturday & Sunday)


Chinese Language Course (New Admission) FORM OC-1





Yunnan University 2021 "Chinese Bridge" Online Camp (update 24/02/2021)

Chinese Plus online live-broadcasting platform -->

Chinese Bridge website: -->

Register with COMPUTER -->

Fill the registration link from Yunnan University -->





HSK Registration Instructions for Examination in 2021 in PDF (Download)

Notification about HSK Online Examination(Home Based (PDF)

HSK Home Based Examination (PDF)

Instruction to Install the Program for Online HSK Examination (PDF)

Fee Structure & Bank Details for Online HSK Examination (PDF)


ONLINE /HOME Based HSK Registration is closed for All HSK/HSKK Levels

Only paper based Exam is avaliable but dates is TBA after confirmation 

Note: 1) No manual registration is acceptable (e.g. Whatsapp),

2) Registration can only be made through below weblinks only (use only google chrome)

3) Seats are limited (Reg. can close anytime, once full)

4) Registratation can only be accepted from the students are currently present in Pakistan Only

5) Only Pakistan Whatsapp number is required.

6) One bank slip per student (One slip for multiple students is not allowed)

7) Fees is non refundable and non transferable in any case

8) Those students who did not appear in the pretest, they will be disqualified, they will not be allowed to appear in the final exam


New Admission Dates TBA For Batch 6  (2021)

 HSK level (1,2, 3, 4 A/B,5,6)


Chinese Culture Classes

Executive Classes (Sat & Sundays)


 Chinese Language Course (New Admission) FORM OC-1


HSK Course Registration form for 2021 session




Memorandum Of Understanding




                     Memorandum Of Understanding(MOU) Photos



Fess Structure For Chinese Courses 2019-20  


Chinese Exam Timeable and Fee 2019




Exam Dates for all levels(HSK) in 2019


Introducing Chinese Cultural Classes in August 2019

Cultural Actvities Includes

1) Chinese Tea Pot serving 

2) Chinese Caligraphy (Writing art)

3) Abacus (Chinese Calculation Way)

4) TaiChi (Chinese Fighting Techniques)

5) Chopsticks (Eating with Chinese Sticks)

6) Paper Cutting Art

7) Dumplings (Traditional Food Making)

8) Chinese Mask (Details)

9) Chinese greeting Ways

10) Chinese Board Games

11) Basic communication words and numbers

Total Duration 2 Months, 1 hour/days class,  2 days/week class, Course Cost Rs- 4000/- PKR